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What is a parole packet?
A parole packet is a collection of information, letters, certificates, etc. submitted to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole panel by an incarcerated offender or their family in support of the offender’s release.

Do you need a parole packet?
Although an offender does not need to submit a parole packet to obtain a favorable board vote, this is likely to be the only opportunity for you to send information to the Board relevant to your rehabilitation, character, future employment and environment upon release. Furthermore, the steps involved in preparing such a packet will prepare you for your interview with an institutional parole officer (IPO).

What’s in a parole packet?
A parole packet prepared by us will generally include the following:

  • Interview request form (if required)
  • Enclosure letter from offender
  • Cover sheet (with photograph)
  • Table of contents
  • Parole plan
  • Risk assessment and offense table
  • Activities while incarcerated
  • Excerpts from support letters
  • Support Letters
  • Pictures
  • Certificates

How long does it take?
The time taken overall to prepare your parole packet will to a very large extent depend on how long it takes for you and others to write and send us the required letters, pictures and other documents.

A certain level of commitment will therefore be required from all concerned to ensure the process is completed as expeditiously as possible.

We will prepare the required letters in an appropriate format from the drafts that you and others supply and send them for signature. We will also assemble any suitable photographs you are able to supply into a collage-type presentation for professional processing (additional charges will apply).

Once payment and all requested documents are received, our processing time will be no more than ten business days for a proof copy of your parole packet to be mailed to you. It is the responsibility of the offender or other person requesting the parole packet on behalf of the offender to ensure that all details, including names and addresses, are accurate.

Once you have approved the proof copy, we will mail the completed packet to you and/or the respective parole panel as indicated herein.

When should you start?
In Texas, the review process starts six months before the offender’s parole eligibility date.

The parole eligibility date is not the date the parole board will decide whether or not to grant parole, it just means the inmate can be released at any time after that date. The parole board will actually make the decision whether or not to release the inmate sometime before the parole eligibility date.

It is therefore extremely important that the parole package be submitted to the parole board well before the parole eligibility date so that there is sufficient time for it to be sent to the respective panel and included in the file they review.

Prior to coming up for parole review an offender will be interviewed by an institutional parole officer (IPO). The interview can be extensive or extremely short.

Some interviews, however, involve questions that the inmate needs to be prepared to answer well for the best impression when the IPO’s report goes to the panel.

In short, it is never too soon to start the process of preparing your parole packet, so contact us today!


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