What We Do

If you choose to purchase our parole packet service, we will send you a list of items required in order to organize the documents comprising your parole plan into one presentation package.

Some of these items will be support letters to be written by the offender, his or her family and friends, and any prospective employer.  While we will offer guidance as to what should be said in such letters, it is important that they be expressed in your own words rather than sending a standard form letter. We will, however, edit and format such letters for spelling, grammar, presentation and style.

Any certificates received for classes, etc, while incarcerated will be scanned for inclusion in the packet.

Once we have received the letters, certificates, photographs and other documents, we will combine them into a parole packet for submission to the parole board.  We will send two copies of the parole packet to the offender or, if instructed, directly to the panel dealing with the parole review in an attractive presentation folder by certified mail (additional charges will apply), with a copy to the offender. However, please note that it is likely that the offender will not be allowed by TDCJ to receive the folder itself, merely the documentary contents.